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Podcasts are notes from industry experts who share
the secrets of choosing the right furniture and shopping in China
MBL Tour


# 5 MBL Podcast: question-answer with the head of the MBL Tour company
In this issue, we will talk openly with the head of the company - Cyril about the personal, about life in China, about business
From 30 August 2019
# 4 MBL Podcast: in what conditions does a furniture tour take place
In the fourth issue, we, answering your questions, tell in detail in what conditions a furniture tour takes place. You will find out why this tour is individual, how many people you can take with you on the tour, how visas are made for a furniture tour.
From 31 May 2019
# 3 MBL Podcast: answering popular questions.
In the third issue of the podcast, we have collected frequently asked questions that you ask us and answered them in detail. If you have a question regarding our service, then you will surely find the answer to it in this issue.
From 24 May 2019
# 2 MBL Podcast: what can I buy on a tour other than furniture.
In the second issue, we decided to figure out what, apart from furniture, our customers can buy as part of the furniture tour. After all, this is a tour on a complete set of turnkey facilities, and not just buying furniture.
From 17 April 2019
# 1 MBL Podcast: Myths Related to China
The first issue of MBL Tour's corporate podcast, in which we will discuss some myths related to China.
From 3 April 2019