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The Mediterranean style is attractive because with its help you can easily create a cheerful atmosphere in the house. There will be no meaningless attributes of luxury and wealth: everything in the interior is subject to the laws of simplicity and comfort.

There are two areas of the Mediterranean style - Greek and Italian. Italian is characterized by warm colors (for example, olive and terracotta), as well as combinations of various textures. When decorating a room, decorative plaster, mosaic, and painting are simultaneously used. The Greek trend is characterized by cold shades, white is especially common. By the way, the white walls look good with wood paneling.

There is very little textile in such an interior, even the windows are covered not with curtains, but with shutters. Unless in the kitchen you can find tablecloths and napkins made of linen or cotton. The furniture in the Mediterranean style is wooden, durable and squat, sometimes artificially aged. Handmade items fit perfectly into the interior.

In this section you will find catalogs of furniture and accessories from China in a Mediterranean style.

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