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Neoclassicism is characterized by the same noble features that are found in the classic interior. The difference lies in the ability of neoclassics to easily adapt to the trends of modern life. Elegant style has left its exactingness in the past, and immediately became a fashionable direction in design.

The neoclassical interior is spaciousness, symmetry, natural materials and calm natural tones. Choose a range of beige, white, gray, blue, wood and chocolate colors - they blend perfectly together, you will not lose. There should be a lot of light in the room, it will enhance the respectability of the interior in the neoclassical style. For upholstery and decoration of windows using modern lightweight fabrics: cotton and velvet. There is a place for classic patterns, as well as neat stucco molding and mirrors - albeit “neo”, but still it is a classic.

The furniture is made of light or red wood and each item is lifted above the floor with elegant legs. Heavy furniture does not take root in either the classic interior or the neoclassical. The atmosphere should remain light - do not overload the room. In this section you will find catalogs of furniture from China in the neoclassical style.

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