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Once in China, it is impossible to stay in one place for a long time. There is a natural need to see this amazing country from different angles, heights and directions. We tell you what to see in Macau in 1 day.
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Macau in one day: space casinos, Venetian gondolas and selfies with the Eiffel Tower

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Macau is deservedly called Asian Las Vegas because it is the only place in China where gambling is officially permitted. But the fact that they come here only for the sake of the casino is rather a myth. In recent years, the city is gaining wildly popularity among tourists and conscious travelers. Perhaps due to the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge in 2018, perhaps because the largest casino in the world is located here, or because a section of the peninsula with 25 buildings has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In any case, everyone who arrives in Macau even for a day will take home the strongest impressions, a thousand photos, a casino souvenir chip and delicious sweets from Koi Kei Bakery.

Must see: day

Fishing pier

The maximum of attractions is concentrated on the main island of Macau.

In the afternoon it is worth taking a walk along the embankment of the Fisherman's Wharf - it stretches from the ferry pier to the Scientific and Technical Museum, which looks like it was built in the distant future.

Life hack from MBL Tour: if you take pictures of the museum building from different angles, then each fancy photo will produce new bizarre designs. Add filters - and a futuristic shot will replenish your collection of non-standard travel photos.

Walking along the promenade, be sure to linger in some nice cafe and look into a couple of shops. Do not be surprised if you accidentally see the features of Porto or Naples: some streets of the Fisherman's Village strongly refer to the old European cities, but the Asian flavor in the form of endless signboards, lights and buildings shining in the distance puts everything in place.

Old Quarters and Senado - Macau's main square

Walking along the Senate Square is a pleasure: under your feet there is a stone mosaic, stylized as sea waves, around - the most beautiful examples of European architecture and art.

It is in the historical center of Macau that the mix of Asian and European cultures is felt most acutely, because the city was a Portuguese colony for about 450 years. There today you can feel like a little Portuguese, having bought a bottle of that same port.

Looping through the streets you can not miss the most popular site of Macau - the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Only the facade and the crypt remained from the cathedral, but even this is enough to attract the attention of tourists.

Observation deck from which to jump

Another attraction that is clearly visible from many points of the city is the Macau TV Tower. From it you can not only look at the city, but also take a jump with an elastic rope. You will be provided with not only the best views, but also a powerful adrenaline rush.

Must see: evening

Grand lisboa

An evening in Macau can and should be spent on a casino. The Grand Lisboa casino skyscraper, for example, looks great live and in the photo before sunset. Do not be too lazy to go inside, because 58 floors of exceptional luxury await you there.

Casino hotels The Venetian and The Parisian

A giant entertainment complex, from which the eternal holiday blows. In The Venetian, the perfect set for filming films about Ocean's friends and royals at the same time. Huge squares, snow-white columns, marble, velvet, light installations, own “Bridge of kisses”, water channels, gondolas and songs. It just needs to be seen.

The Parisian Hotel is inferior in size to the famous Venetian complex, but is also worthy of attention: here, not every Frenchman could distinguish the hotel's interiors from the usual ones. But most importantly - a copy of the Eiffel Tower is located on the territory of the complex. This place differs from Paris only in that trinkets with turrets are not sold at the foot, but the views are really gorgeous in French.

House of dancing water

A multi-colored water show where you can feel like a participant in a magical action is the perfect end to a day in Macau. Viewers say the show is so mesmerizing that you literally stop blinking. However, the first rows need to prepare for the fact that water is likely to reach them.

We hope you are now charged for a small but eventful trip to this amazing city.

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