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When Marina and her husband turned to our company, it immediately became clear: they needed everything at once. And it is desirable in one place that the purchase of furniture and decor does not stretch for several more years. As Marina will share later, she was even a little disappointed that she dragged on so much with the furniture tour, because already at the finishing stage it was possible to
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Case: customers have completed the town house and share tips with those who are going on a furniture tour

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A townhouse with an area of 300 m² is a fairly spacious space, the organization of which requires, at first glance, a lot of time. But our customers (attention!) Heroically dealt in a week.

Tips for planning a furniture tour

Since Marina already knows everything about furniture tours from the inside, she shares life hacks with those who are just going on a trip.

Firstly, you need to understand what exactly you want to buy before departure. Better yet, have a design project, diagrams, measurements, and a conditional shopping list. Armed with all this, you definitely won’t be at a loss, do not succumb to spontaneous purchases, although they can also be beneficial, you will not lose precious time and money. By the way, about the money: Marina calculated the approximate cost of many samples in advance, taking into account delivery and customs clearance.

Secondly, the “all in order” rule. This applies to the order in which to make purchases. Marina pays special attention to the lighting: since the designers were not involved in the work on the project, everything had to be thought out by ourselves, including the lighting. According to Marina, it is better to postpone the purchase of light until the last days of the tour, when the furniture is already selected, styles are selected and the general “mood” is determined. Showing the house to our film crew, Marina noted that "the choice of light cannot be described in words - this must be seen by ourselves." By the way, it is in China that the city of light is Guzhen. From there, Marina brought lamps made of brass, crystal and onyx.

She recalls that a funny story was connected with one of the lamps. Marina could not believe that the design was made of crystal, she was sure that it was plastic. Then she was offered to break one of the elements. As soon as it shattered into small pieces, Marina admitted that there was crystal in front of her.

By the way, this is not the first time we break and break. In one of the episodes of Couch Critic, Anna Bond beat the tiles - be sure to see how it all ended!

How else do our customers test furniture from China?

On the example of Marina, we learned that our customers arrange furniture even more merciless tests at home. She said that she decided to check the leather sofa by holding a lighter to it. Spoiler: genuine leather, not a single sofa was injured during the experiment.

In addition to the sofa, armchairs, beds, lighting, tables and furniture for the terrace, Marina brought a lot of decor from the tour. It is noteworthy that some accessories went to her as a gift when buying several products from one seller. In showrooms of large shopping centers, this is a common practice. Under certain conditions, for example, when ordering a specific amount or when purchasing several products from one manufacturer, discounts may be offered to the client. Or, as in the case of Marina, bonuses.

Фото во время проверки изделия Photo during product verification

Фото во время проверки изделия Photo during product verification

Фото во время проверки изделия Photo during product verification

Фото во время проверки изделия Photo during product verification

Фото во время проверки изделия Photo during product verification

Фото во время проверки изделия Photo during product verification

Фото во время проверки изделия Photo during product verification

What does the house look like in the end?

It took 4 months from the moment of the trip to the tour until the moment when the furniture was delivered to the customers. Marina admits that at the unloading she was preparing for the fact that there would be more nuances. The matter of distance is a disturbing factor. But everything went smoothly. In addition, workers from the brigade on the client side noted the high quality of the materials, although initially they were skeptical.

Marina herself gave us a tour of her home, showed everything, told and shared her impressions. We have a video where you can watch what her house looks like today:

If you have questions about furniture tours to China, you want to equip a house, apartment, restaurant or even a hotel - contact our managers for advice.

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