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Important information for our future and current customers about how we work during a pandemic
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How we work in COVID-19: the main thing from China

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It will be difficult to recall an event of the same scale that so much of the world's population would be so concerned. On television, news sites, social networks and Telegram channels discuss the problem that the world faced at the beginning of 2020 - a new strain of coronavirus. With all the best wishes today, it is perhaps impossible to find a person who would not hear about the pandemic or express his opinion on this matter.

Almost all countries of the world are infected with COVID-19, in connection with which the authorities take tough measures - impose quarantines, close borders, and cancel key public events. However, even under such conditions, work continues, although the epidemiological measures taken every day, of course, make their own adjustments.

How is the work process being built in China today, are production facilities operating, are large shopping centers open, if so, who visits them, what security measures have been introduced in public places, what should you do if you have been planning a furniture tour for a long time, but now taking into account independent Is there no reason for you to fly to China? In the new material we answer these and other urgent questions.

The situation in China: how do factories, shopping centers, restaurants work?

China is the first country to take tough measures in an extremely short time to deal with the epidemic. This includes the closure of cities, and self-isolation, and record-breaking construction of hospitals, and even sanctions against those who violate quarantine rules. It is possible to dispute the expediency of certain measures for a long time, but the fact remains: it was in China that the spread of the virus was suppressed, when in other countries the situation gradually began to get out of control.

Quarantine activities in China now are associated with massive outbreaks of coronavirus in most countries. However, recently factories and most industries have begun to work. The only difficulty is that not all workers can return from quarantined provinces so far. All shopping centers are operating, customer flows are gradually increasing. The only difference is that before there were many foreigners among visitors, but now it is mainly local residents. For safety reasons, employees at the entrances measure the temperature. Workers in shopping centers are still masked, and sanitizers are also commonly used.

Almost all restaurants work in the center of Foshan, even policemen stepped up: they have already begun to distribute fines for improper parking, so our drivers, as usual, do not allow themselves to relax :)

Become a "stop" or still plan?

It sounds paradoxical, but right now the most favorable situation is in order to plan a furniture tour. Manufacturers make great offers and introduce discounts on goods. If you have been looking closely at furniture from China, then the moment of truth has come: prices are reduced (they are also affected by the situation with exchange rates and the difficult situation in Europe), and the quality is at the same high level.

Now we are working on the requests of customers who planned to go on tour in the very near future. Due to the closure of borders and the complicated epidemiological situation as a whole, we are booking the tour dates for June-July. You, too, can now plan a trip: when the borders are open, you will be fully prepared for the tour.

Мебельный торговый центр в Китае

What if there is no time to wait?

Obviously, home improvement activities could be planned well in advance of the pandemic. We are also against your plans being frustrated, but at the same time we want you to be safe. Therefore, now for all our clients for whom the purchase of furniture is an urgent and urgent matter, we offer remote cooperation. Already now, being thousands of kilometers from China, you can start the process of home improvement. Leave a request so that our managers can contact you, talk about updated work algorithms and discuss all the details.

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