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Мебель, которая выживет: популярные обивочные материалы в Китае
От обивочного материала во многом зависит «живучесть» вашей мебели. Поэтому мы сделали небольшой ликбез по популярным обивкам, чтобы вам было проще выбирать.
Красота, разнообразие и невысокая цена: выбираем камень в «Городе мрамора»
Как Юньфу стал мировым центром по обработке камня и что стоит купить именно там — обстоятельно расскажем обо всём!
Overview of the Louvre - a shopping center with too much furniture
In the furniture capital of the world, there is a shopping center-city with hundreds of exhibition halls. Only here are not paintings, but sofas, beds, tables, ottomans and other furniture. If you want to see a paradise for interior designers and those who are serious about buying furniture for an apartment, house or even an entire hotel, then it looks something like this.
Macau in one day: space casinos, Venetian gondolas and selfies with the Eiffel Tower
Once in China, it is impossible to stay in one place for a long time. There is a natural need to see this amazing country from different angles, heights and directions. We tell you what to see in Macau in 1 day.

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“MBL Tour” organizes all trips in such a way as to leave time for the client to relax. All wishes can be discussed with the manager who will plan the tour.
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A furniture tour is an opportunity to buy status furniture and decor at a manufacturer's price. And along with it - to go on a trip. The company MBL Tour will help to combine business with pleasure.
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If you decide to buy a stone in China, then the MBL Tour company will be an excellent conductor. Tracks and monitors each stage of the production of your order.
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Specialists of MBL Tour can prepare a full or partial design project, as well as draw up a furniture arrangement diagram.
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A video about how a popular interior designer and YouTube blogger Mikhail Shaposhnikov came to visit us, more than 200,000 people have subscribed to his channel “Designer's Diary”.
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An overview of the furniture tour from video blogger Kasho Hasanov, whose YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers.
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MBL Tour has been organizing furniture tours to China for residents of the CIS (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia) since 2008.
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