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Collaboration with architects and designers
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Architects and Designers

Collaboration with architects and designers

A furniture tour to China has two advantages, thanks to which the service will be popular for a very long time. The first is the price. Even taking into account overheads, transportation and customs clearance, Chinese furniture is cheaper than Italian or Russian. The second is an incredibly wide selection of products. There are thousands of furniture factories in China, and believe me, they are ready for anything to beat the competition and get a beloved customer.

All this, of course, is good, you think. - But what benefits will I personally get from the furniture tour?

Architects and interior designers get the opportunity to let their creative mind go into free flight. As we said, China has a huge assortment of products for home improvement: decoration materials, interior items, plumbing, lighting, accessories and more. In addition, Chinese manufacturers always meet their customers - they can make furniture on an individual project. At each factory, full-time industrial designers work (and, in part, they are Italians), so that if necessary, they will help you improve the project on the spot.

If we talk in more detail about the superiority of the Chinese furniture market, then it is worth giving a few more explanations. The greatest benefit from a purchase in China can be obtained when ordering luxury furniture, as well as subject to wholesale delivery. The thing is that the cost of delivery and customs clearance does not depend on the cost of cargo - it is calculated based on the volume of the container, method of transportation and distance to the customer. We have seen from our own experience: Chinese furniture made of fine wood will cost 4-5 times cheaper than similar Italian-made models. Just imagine how customers will be grateful when they calculate the design project taking into account prices in China. You will not deny that any, even the most wealthy, person is not averse to saving?

The attractiveness of the Chinese offer has long been discerned by restaurateurs and hotel owners. Here you can buy furniture and decor not only for a private apartment or cottage, but also for HoReCa objects. Our company has also been working with this segment for several years. We helped to arrange several restaurants in Moscow and one in Minsk - information on these objects can be found in the section “Furniture for cafes, restaurants and bars from China”.

As for the furniture tour itself, you can go to China with or without a client. Some designers send furniture for the customers themselves. Our team has experienced accompanying managers who are versed in interior styles and furniture production. You can entrust them with the choice of the necessary interior items, the only thing, in this case, we must jointly think over the route of the tour.

Before you start working with Chinese brands, we advise you to clarify all the necessary information with our managers. You just need to leave a request on our website. And your manager will tell you in more detail about the Chinese market of furniture, decoration materials and decor. We will call you back soon and discuss the details of cooperation.

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